Anna K. Hegedus

Oh yes, that's sweet comic sans.


I'm a professional. Sometimes I post work that I showcase as part of a professional portfolio. Think of it like a resume, but a lot less formal. I mean, did you see this site?



I void warranties. This is something I do frequently, which you can witness on my Youtube channel, Twitter feed, Instagram, or countless other social media platforms.



One of my hobbies is collecting retro games and archiving vintage gaming stuff. I also fly RC planes. This portion of the site is more personal and bloggish.


Who am I and what is this site?

Welcome to my personal website. My name's Anna. Pleased to meet you. I'm a tech enthusiast, gamer, RC pilot, and hardware hacker, that currently lives in the Pittsburgh metro area. I am interested in vintage electronics, Linux systems, large-scale networks, and hardware design.

This site is pretty new, and isn't built out (only the front page is available right now). Over the next few weeks, I'll be tweaking the design, adding more to the layout, and generally making this a more friendly space on the internet...except for the comic sans header. That stays.

Until then, feel free to visit my presence on any of the big social media platforms. Follow my Twitter feed, visit my Youtube channel, or find me on Facebook!